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This is my last free weekend for a bit, so give me something to do!

I want a

Character Name or Pairing. Fandoms I'm willing to write for are Digimon, YuGiOh, Avatar the Last Airbender, the Venture Brothers, maybe even some Disney stuff, RP-verse, etc.

A sense.: A taste, smell, touch, sight, or sound. Be creative with this please!

A Rating: Self explanatory.

Hit me, bbs!



Apr. 4th, 2010 04:12 am (UTC)
Well, our semester ends pretty early, so the next few weekends are all going to be about finishing papers, doing projects, and spazzing about exams. |D

Ken/Hikari -

When he smiles at her the first time, she almost fell over. She had spent so long thinking of him as the Digimon Kaiser, so long considering him the enemy, that that first shy grin just about made her heart stop. It was the best reassurance she had had that there was a real boy behind those eyes that had once been so cold and so cruel. It made her heart ache for what she had done to him before.

When he smiles at her in battle, it leaves her feeling strangely warm and giddy, like when Nefertimon flew too high. The worst part was that everyone else noticed. One afternoon, after they had gone home for the day, Miyako had grinned at her. It wasn’t the normal grin she used after they had just won, but rather the gleeful grin she flashed when a magazine was doing an expose on her favorite movie star. Mimi called her one day, completely out of the blue, to talk about proper dating. Even Daisuke had noticed something, finally pulling her aside to say that he really wanted to see what had caused her to smile for an entire day. That conversation had left her blushing.

When he smiles at her on her birthday, she thinks she might actually see what everyone else did. It was only after everyone else when home, when she lingered at the doorway, drawing a confused look and a question from his lips, that she knew how to properly respond to it.

When she smiles at him, the world seems to stop. Both of them were just fine with that.

Cissnei/Kaiba -

The noise of the room was deafening. How could it not be, when the hardest working programmers in Japan were celebrating their best selling game yet? It was an amazing piece of work, the most complex RPG ever created. People were raving about the strength of the characters, developed as if they were real people and not the usual caricatures of good and evil. The critics praised the ability for the player character to defeat whomever he or she wanted, to make enemies or friends of anyone, to love a multitude of characters from the man with the teasing red eyes to the woman with a cat’s smile. Everything was written like it had been real, and people celebrated it as if it were a masterpiece. The master who had put the most into creating it, however, was nowhere to be found. At least, nowhere that one of the regular employees would care to look.

Cissnei found him in his office, in the dark and quiet he always craved this time of year. He was sitting in his deak chair facing the window, staring more at the pane (or the phantom he saw standing against it) rather than the view outside. But she knew he knew she was there. She didn’t say anything in greeting or warning, choosing instead to step behind him and wrap her arms over his neck. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, comfortable in the easy pattern of touch they had been establishing over years. It was comforting…but it wasn’t loving, not completely. That was both their faults.

How could it be, when it was what neither wanted? The chest Cissnei was sliding her hands over wasn’t quite broad enough, didn’t bear as much power as she was looking for. The hips Kaiba was caressing were softer than he wanted, more feminine. When they looked into each other’s eyes, it was neither Mako blue or exotic red they saw. The lack they saw in each other could be read in every sigh, every touch, and every press of skin against skin. But they had started this game and continued it regardless. None of their regrets needed to be said out loud. They already knew nothing would change if they did. The both just needed, and the only one they still had left to them was the other.

Cissnei had already known that it was impossible to bring the dead back to life. Kaiba had supposedly had a year beforehand to get used to the idea. The time past didn’t make things any easier and never would. Neither did creating the game, their story recorded in pixels. But there in the darkness and the silence, between deep kisses and traces of fingernails across skin, they sang their sorrow to each other. It would have to be enough…and they accepted that.